Client Reviews

“I would highly recommend this service and 7 Day Tax Relief to my friends. I tell you when you think things are impossible, they are not. 7 Day tax relief helped me get out of a real bind and the people there were great and patient. They walked me through the whole process and I did not pay any upfront fees. I did pay a very reasonable fee after the work was done.”

“$50 A MONTH – from $59,961 of tax debt. I called the IRS myself and they wanted $1200 a month! I was very impressed by 7 Day Tax Relief. They made my whole experience stress free. I had enough stress knowing I owed the IRS a lot of money. I tried to handle it on my own at first and the IRS made it impossible for me to settle my debt with something I could afford. They were able to get me on a payment plan with the IRS that I could actually afford for only $50 a month. Can’t recommend them enough if you have tax debt.”

“7 Day Tax relief were really helpful with helping me out with my tax relief. They explained everything to me so well and provided comfort knowing that he and the team at 7 day tax relief could help me out. The total fee was $500 for my tax debt issue and I paid them after my work was done.”

“7 Day Tax Relief – helped me fix my tax issues and make a lifestyle change. Nobody even came close to match this service. I paid only $650 for the tax relief services, amazing deal! – Everyone else quoted me $2,000 – $9600 for this same service! I highly recommend them to family and friends who have an issue with their taxes. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly! They take the time to answer your questions and help you through the process. I’m very happy I found them. All in all it’s been a great experience!”